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Stoked to meet you!

My name is Paul. To say life has been an adventure would be an understatement; but that's how God works when you ask him to use you.  I'm a retired Green Beret with multiple combat rotations to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, who has also had the honor to serve as cadre at Special Forces Assessment and Selection. During that time God allowed me opportunities to conduct discipleship and evangelism among local Muslim populations, partner forces, as well as fellow American soldiers at home and abroad. God also opened the door for ministry at MD Anderson to my wife and I in 2014 when she underwent a stem cell transplant for an aggressive form of Leukemia 


Since my retirement in 2019 I have been able to travel with music tours and bands as a chaplain, mentor and train leaders, and continue to carry out ministry in a variety of fields. 


There have been many ups and downs over the years. Many battles fought, some lost and some won. So many days where the Lord has asked, "Are you still willing to fight?" I'm sure he asks you the same thing. My heart is for Christ, for his Church, for you. My prayer is that you leave here more in love with the Lord, His word, and better equipped to carry out all that God has called you to in Christ so that when He comes for His own, he will have no problem recognizing you, your banner will be clear.


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